I've spent a lot of my time bringing stories to life behind the scenes as an editor. Check out some of the features and packages I've edited here.

40-Day Goal-Crusher Challenge
The ultimate guide to achieving any goal, featuring Jen Widerstrom.
The Healing Power of Running
These ladies turned to running in tough times—and emerged stronger than ever.
Is Instagram Destroying Your Diet?
Unicorn Frappuccinos, glitter coffee, and mermaid toast are prettier than they are healthy.
Why Your Doc's Politics Matter
There's an elephant in the exam room when it comes to politicized health issues.
The New Face of Alcoholism
More young women are drinking than ever.
Why America Hates Fat Women
Society's dislike of overweight women goes wayyy beyond health concerns.
The Politics-Yoga Connection
Women are turning to yoga now that Trump is president.
"'Coming Out' Improved My Health"
Those who come out of the closet are more likely to live healthier lives.
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